Our green e-commerce

Our e-commerce site has been created thanks to the support of Scontrino, which, after giving shape to our project, offered us even the opportunity to choose a tree among avocado, caoba, cedar and lemon, to be planted in Guatemala. The goal? React concretely to the climate emergency we are currently living through reforestation. We personally opted in favour of a tree, grown in the nursery during the first months and then transplanted in order to enrich the local vegetation. It’s not simply a matter of stepping up the green areas of the country, but also, and mainly, it is a matter of increasing the production of oxygen, reducing the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and protecting biodiversity.

More value to your idea

Our aim is to become a carbon free reality, trying to compensate for the CO2 emissions we inevitably release. Through our e-commerce, we hope not only to make a contribution from an environmental point of view, but also to affect the social sphere. What may look like a simple tree, can instead bring support to the economy of a country, helping the farming community to implement local activities and promote the agricultural sector. The most obvious result? The birth of a new green lung for the Earth that will grow hand in hand with our company.

The power of sharing

Our gesture is certainly small, but, if shared, it can make a difference. We believe, in fact, that together with many others, our tree can change the lives of many families, boost the economic development of a country and deeply impact the ecosystem. For more information on the project, please consult the green e-commerce page of Scontrino.

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